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ok. snot is not taboo. it's just disgusting. snot makes me GAG. just thinking about it. in fact, i was just discussing it with nina the other day. snot makes me gag. the word mucus is one of the most disgusting words i can think of. one of. and hocking loogies. sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

or launching snot rockets. omg. hilarious, but gag. the words are funny. seeing someone do it, or even hearing someone do it, gag.

i yell at ever for doing it in the shower. because he totally does. and it is disgusting. and kit and i both saw the same person do it the other day. we didn't see each other, weren't aware of each other in any way. but we both saw the same thing: lady. caterer. apron and all. walking up a ramp out of the hospital loading dock. bags of food, presumably, in her hands. more accurately, hanging from her wrists. and then, out of the blue, in the middle of the street. in the public street. fucking snot rocket. and one wasn't enough. there was more than one.

i just stared in awe, trying not to throw up. and kit said she actually might have thrown up in her mouth a little.

snot. seriously nasty. and nina says that boogers are also completely lost on me. i've never been a nose picker. ever. i always use a tissue that is drawn to a point to get at them. and if i absolutely must, and cannot get at it with my 'tool', then i will pick. deposit into tissue, and immediately wash my hands. and be grossed out that i had to do it at all.

i'm a picker. don't get me wrong. i could spend an hour picking at my skin. and growing up, i was THE scab picker. so gross. but a confession nonetheless. but never never ever a nose picker.

why do i have to go on for a full page about this? am i done yet?

this topic makes me queasy. i'd so much rather be writing about other topics. even writing about sex in explicit graphic terms would be better than this.

know what i hate most about snot? having to deal with it as it runs down your nose/onto the place just under your nose where someone might be able to see it. i bike. alot. and it's cold here. even when it's not cold at all, biking makes my nose run profusely. my body loves to make snot. maybe because it knows just how much i hate it.

i blow my nose every single day of my life. once right when i wake up. once right when i'm out of the shower. once after i put in my contacts if i decide to wear them. once when i get inside, after a ride or a walk in the weather. and again when i'm home again. and at random other times. but those times, without exception. and i blow my nose loudly. like an old man would, into his handkerchief.

in the winter time, or when i'm sick, i carry around a roll of toilet paper with me, because my nose knows. and because anyone who blows their nose as much as i do needs soft toilet paper. none of that cardboard shit that every public restroom has.

that's all i have to say about snot. i hate it. it makes me sick.

how it made me feel to write about it, and then read it: i guess i kinda wrote that out as i did it.

other unmentionables: for me, just sex. don't want to talk about it, write about it, use actual words to discuss it. i make up code words for anything sexual, and then refer to them in writing only as that thing.

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