wrong to you

i wonder do you sit and think about me
as much or more than i sit and think about you
is it a waste of my time to sit here
and wonder if you are sitting there thinking of me

why does it seem that i'm always a minute too late
when it's the seconds i'm secretly counting
and why do i always lose someone
when they're following so closely without my knowing

if timing is key, the hands are frozen here
and i wonder if i can put them back into motion
and find true happiness again
happiness in aloneness but wanting to be with you

because every time i think of you
my head hurts and my heart hurts
and my hands hurt from trying to hold on
to the memories that fade too fast

i wonder do you remember the same as me
in the same way with the same feeling inside tugging
because if you do, i can rest easy
knowing that everything happens for a reason

you are more than something that happened to me
but i keep finding that you are reduced to that
wanting to feel so much more so freely
and feeling that more is somehow wrong to you

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