with the stars in your eyes

with the stars in your eyes and wonder on your face
that only this night could bring. you told me i was beautiful
and it meant so much to me to hold you so close to my heart
for such a short moment in time. i will remember it forever

i could say that the stars were falling in my eyes, with my heart, for you
and you were there with me, so warm and alive and happy
with only a shared blanket, on a boat, under the cartoon sky
you were there with me

and i look at you and see your eyes, look to you and see your smile
i notice that you have the most kissable lips, and want nothing more
it makes me so alone sometimes to imagine you so far away, but i know...
i know that this isn't over, i can see so much more when i let myself
i can see your warmth. i can see your breath.

i can dream that you will never leave, and wake up sad inside
i can wish upon the falling stars with our heads so close together
i can memorize your face and pretend that it could be for me

but something holds me back, and in the sun lit sky it changes
from my love into my friend, in the shadows you created
i want nothing more than your kissable lips and your soul and your eyes and your smile
and all of your complications.

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