it's strange to sit and think and dream to a year ago
the feelings all come back because they never fully went away
and i wonder if i could win his heart the second time around
if i came from a different angle and at a slower speed

because i miss the connection i felt with him
the way we would talk without saying a word
the way he always knew when to say goodnight
the way he completed the circuit of my heart

the feelings flowed so naturally from me to him
and the invitations flowed so freely from his mouth
and the timing was always right until a question
and an answer based on a glimmer of hope
that brought it all crashing down

i miss those days, the way he made me float
i miss those nights talking and listening until dawn
i miss those weeks losing track of time
i miss those stars, the ones that moved for us

and to this day, one year later
i still see those signs
and i still think he was my perfect boy then
and i wonder if he's changed
and if he remembers that i was perfect for him, too

because after all the things he put me through
and all the things i might have made him feel
i'd still do it all again, just to feel again
because i haven't felt that way since
and i don't think i ever will again

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