a chain of events like the cigarettes i smoke
that leave me feeling dizzy with a tummy in shambles
with a crush i only hoped i could kick, now over
i keep my chin up and i have officially moved on
from a boy who could bore me to a boy who doesn't
baking in the summer sun, i turn over a new leaf

a life all my own with the lack of another's connections
i'm one bad mood and attitude away from being done
the ears and heart i offered to lend rejected
recognizing loss, not my own for the first time
maybe someday soon the recognition will come
but maybe by then i'll take my intentions elsewhere

somewhat bitter words on a not bitter winter's day
spring skipped straight into summer and i'm warm again
with life blooming around me and winter boys melting
i smile into the sun and smoke into oblivion
warmed with thoughts of summer and water and sun
i think it's about time that i just had some fun.

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