when people and places are so predictable that you
could set your clocks by their actions
ideas flash an dbets are placed and that's when
everything changes in the blink of an eye
and the concept of time is shattered when a place
and time are given and nobody shows
eyes drop and hopes fall when the standards are
brushed to the wayside like bad memories
and the ones that linger are not soon enough forgotten
and hover around to serve as reminders

that's when it's time to move on and let change run
its course and wander the road paved
to walk on the wrong side of hte untread paths and
not follow in anyone's footsteps but my own

that is the opportunity that life proposes to you
and should you not utilize, it will move on wihtout you
so take up your courage and take up your ideas
and run with them with your heart in your hands.

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