rtw 50. weather forecasts.


at approximately 11 am on sunday may 30th, the national weather service picked up a huge storm brewing.

it will be arriving momentarily.

take cover.

with this storm, there will be strong winds.

there will be intense lightning.

there is rumored to be football sized hail that will fuck your shit UP.

when it rains, it will flood.

do not let your guard down. there may be breaks in the downpour. but there will be more.

do not stand under trees. seek shelter indoors.

as we have seen while we tracked this storm, the calm that follows this particular line of storms is merely a precursor to the next, progressively stronger storm.

there is a possibility that this storm will wipe you off the face of the map. there is a chance that you won't recognize your surroundings after this storm passes.

cooler weather will follow this front.

be prepared to feel chilled to the bone.

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