rtw 117.

12/2/09 hair.

recently my hair was cut. too too short. i'd been growing it out for so long. my instructions were perfectly fucking clear. i didn't mince words. i didn't use non descriptive words.

don't take any length off the front. cut downward. at an angle. so that the back is short and the front is still long. IGNORE MY BANGS. DO NOT CUT IT TO MY BANGS. just a trim. short in the back, long in the front.

and goddammit if he didn't cut it straight around my head to match my bangs. and, at the, the BACK IS STILL LONGER! what the fuck???

all for money. i gave up pretty eyebrows and a precision cut to save $30-$50, give or take.

i missed the scalp massage of ladies with long, fake fingernails. the best part of the haircut.

all for $50? missing the payoff of six months' refusal to cave to my want of shorter hair. NOT WORTH IT. i will not make the same mistake again.

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