games people play

wind makes eyes water mixes with tears
because you can't seem to figure out whether you want me
you go out of your way to keep me wondering
and then throw me for loops just to see if i'll hold on
just because i can make you think i'm over you
that doesn't mean that i am

because every time you remind me that it is over
in the same breath you ask if you can hold onto me
you don't want me to be over you yet
but you don't want me to be stuck on you still

make up your mind and stop stringing me along
as long as you keep calling me and kissing me
and telling me you're missing me
i can't go on like this because the way
you're making me feel is largely small

the more i say that you're missing out
the more i start to believe that i am
and i'm frozen blind in the brightest lights
and you're watching from the darkest corner
and i know it isn't right to be feeling this way
and it's all because of the games you play

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