just by my side.

i wonder could we drive interstate 10
from st augustine to san francisco
maybe go someplace in between
see the canyons setting in your eyes
i couldn't pay enough for that memory

i've done it once and i'll ask you again
don't you think we could begin
to live our lives without question or regret
instead of wandering about our days
wondering when our time will come

i'm tired of being alone, daydreaming
i want to see this through with you
in my car just by my side
seeing the world through my windows
and talking across state lines

could i borrow you just for a while
steal you away with me please
i promise i won't let you down
we'd have fun
and i'd make it worth your while

so come away from here with me
don't think twice, just get in
we can laugh and smile and speak
we could start all over again
only this time
i promise i won't let you down.

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