rtw 21 wishes 12/2/9

i wish my life was easier.

i wish i had more money.

i wish i could be successful at doing my own thing.

i wish i could go back in time.

i wish i wasn't filled with regret and doubt.

i wish i had met my soulmate. or if i did, i wish i would've known it.

i wish i was happy. i wish i had fun.

i wish i could go dancing and drinking more often.

i wish i could be a famous writer.

i wish i had musical talent. i wish i wasn't afraid to sing in front of people.

i wish i was young again.

i wish for more wishes.

i wish i could travel more.

i wish i could make out. i wish i could be kissed.

i wish that mike and amber hadn't died. and i wish that heroin didn't ruin the lives of people i knew and loved. and know and love.

i wish that i'd known. i wish that i'd known about the notes. i wish that i'd known about anyone who held back and didn't want me to know.

i always wished for love on birthday candles. i can't remember anything tangible i ever wished for on my birthday. it was always about unrequieted love, i was practically a professional.

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