maybe you remember
a night when you asked me
if i could burn your heartl
and i swore i never would
because you wouldn't break mine.

the tables are turning now.
you're starting to.
i don't want to get down about it,
but you'd better not keep it up.
or i'll give up.
and you'll be the one who misses out.
and i'll be wating my time
not thinking about you anymore.
and trying to convince myself
that i'm not the one who's missing out.
i won't be sorry
and i won't regret.

you were supposed to be my friend.
i didn't want to have to think
about getting over you just yet.
and it's all because i don't want to be
waiting for you at the end of a line.
not that you're not worth waiting for

i'm tired.
my head left me for a minute.
i can't hold my chin up.
not like you, last night,
it was all downhill from there.
time to fly
away from here
so far away from you.
because i know it's not worth it.

hey. you know what?
you're with her now.
i was trying to make you into
someone that i thought you were.
she can be on that side of your table
but i will never be yours again.
and i'm not sorry.
in fact, i wouldn't change a thing.

i mean,
it's all so perfect.
a life without you in terms of forever.
it would all be so different.
but i'm not.
and she watches you better than
the way that i used to.
and it isn't phasing me.
i mean,
it's perfect.

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