the next best thing

i wonder for the first time
without thinking about the last time
i can sit somewhere and not be
left to wonder if you're thinking
about me, too.
i think about you all the time
i think about the state i'm in
and the city i'm in
and i'd rather be anywhere but here
as long as i'm there with you

we can escape to this place
and forget about the cold and
the way we aren't really together
it's the next best thing

you make me want to run away
from what i have
it seems so silly so soon in this
speeding start we're off to
but it makes me smile
i'm not afraid

i can say 'i like you
for these endless reasons'
and think about all the ways
you tell me the same

because when i sit here sad that you
can't be sitting here in my company
i know i've got the next best thing

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