i take a step across this line you've drawn for me
and if you think for one minute
that i haven't already had these thoughts
then maybe you weren't thinking at all

it scares me the way it scares you
but at the same time i take comfort in it
maybe the reason we're so afraid to talk about it
is because it's so quick like a movie or a dream
and because it's not familiar to us

we don't know what it feels like
except in stories we've heard
it is what i meant when i said
'i wonder if THIS is what it feels like'

the speed of it is a rush, i don't want to slow it
maybe you're afraid because the closest thing
you felt or had turned around and walked away
but the difference between like and love
is more than a consonant and a vowel
it's taking a chance and crossing the line
that my heart is squirming on
and hoping that you don't try to figure it away

why the words just crossed my screen
i'm just as unsure as you are
of putting a definition on how i feel
and as breathless as you are at the sight
of the words as you form them.

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