navy blue.

it's going to take more than cigarettes to get over you
more than replacing to forget you
more than driving to get past you
i really wish we could talk about it
because i really don't want this feeling to end

i still look for your car when i pass
i still watch for your car to pass
i still wish for your company
and what about fate?

feet over railroads, kissing for yellow
melting with you. navy blue
is what you left me with
and a fistful of nothing

i choose not to forget
i don't want to want you anymore
but i do
you made me realize that i don't like being alone

then the train comes and
all that is missing is you and a word

well, i've got some words for you:
you're not at all what you seem
i thought you were depth,
but you're a shallow, hollow, heartbreaking fool
and you'll never know
what i could have done for you and
what i would have done for you

the clouds are pretty, and you...
you could make this a night to remember
but you won't
so i don't

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