unicorns! october 14th.

today i had a surprise visit from robbie!

sucky store sucks so much less when i get to see friends.

deb came by, too, but when rob was there, so we didn't get to catch up as i'd hoped.

rob hung out for maybe half an hour or so. we got to catch up in person, which was nice.

not much to say. i knew most of the stories he was telling me, just about what he's up to and doing every day, but there was some background info that i didn't have. but i really didn't have much to say. he'd been at it for 24 hours by that point, and was getting in his van to drive to new york, so it wasn't an old school visit of over an hour.

it was nice to see him. that is all.

aside from that, it was pretty busy for most of the morning. not busy, busy. but enough that i didn't get to my laptop until maybe noon or so.

i had pumpkin coffee, which was a lovely treat. it is almost time for eggnog lattes. i'm going to have to diet beforehand. i gain about ten pounds every fall from drinking eggnog lattes. holy hell. they sound so nasty. but seriously? the best thing ever.

last night, something interesting happened. i was daydreaming at night. what else is new? and i had one of those image flash things in my mind. i'm having tingles again right now thinking about it. a physical reaction.

so i guess it was from talking to my mom. who is very excited for the next stage in my life.

but it was a flash of me behind a bar. serving coffee, but it was my bar. and what's strange is that i was seeing myself. like a reflection, but from an outsider's point of view. or better yet, like a movie of myself.

and i guess i was thinking about meeting people. meeting cute boy customers. and the flash went into a more elaborate daydream.

but i was happy. i was happy and i was doing my own thing and i had my cafe/bar.

call me crazy. i'm reading this book called 'awakening intuition'. and though i feel like i'm not that intuitive, i'm hoping it helps me.

and i guess that having that flash, and the feeling it gave me, made me feel like there's hope for my future in some weird way. i don't know how to write what i feel.

aside from that, i had a good talk with kit last night. a pep rally of sorts.

and, as predicted, i got an email from brownies today.

maybe i'm intuitive when it comes to people. i do have an uncanny way of thinking of someone and then seeing them randomly. or reaching for my phone as it's about to ring. but when it comes to gut feelings, i really tend to be off more than on.

both nina and the writer got their brownie shipments. which makes me feel good in my heart.

and aside from that, i have nothing else to say.

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