hump day. july 28th.

t-minus 42 hours and counting.

is it friday yet? seriously...

i'm a lunatic. i can't shut up. chalk, chalk, chalk. he said this. i think this. blah, blah, blah.

and in between that, i am messaging him and scrabbling him and relentlessly flirting with him.

and putting the best lines in my blog to memorialize and share them.

like today. i finally beat him in scrabble. he's a formidable opponent. and somehow, i beat him.

so i sent him a note that said, 'i won. finally. happy hump day.'

and he said, 'happy because i get to see you in two days.'

see? sweet. and charming.

today at work, i told pam. all week, she's been commenting about how quiet and heady i've been, not to mention how spacey i am when it comes to work-related things. lauren, too.

but because lauren knows people ever does, even though i don't think she'd say anything, i told pam i'd tell her why, if she put it in the vault after lauren left.

so i told her. and she is excited for me. she used to have a buddy, and loved it. it worked for a year, until he started to have feelings for her.

she said that these things don't usually work out, because one person always develops feelings for the other. even if it takes years to happen. it always ends up that way. and ruins a good thing.

so i put that information away for later application.

but then, just thinking about that at work all day, i was completely flustered.

then kit came by to kill some time, so we talked.

i told him. i am still on mental vacation. my body is here, but my head is really not. if i wasn't at work, i'd just stay in bed all day. i think it would be detrimental to my health. but it sure would be nice. and really, my head is still on vacation, and even when i'm physically somewhere, like at work, my body is actually home in bed doing unmentionable things.

kit and i went to the pool today, and on our way home, we planned to make dinner together and have beer. but i said i'd probably be there in an hour, after i handle something.

and when she was starving and i wasn't there yet, i dropped her a line to say i was on my way soon. and she said she'd had the thought, 'that bitch. i bet she's masturbating.'

i think that almost as much as everything else, i just can't wait to make out again.

like last night, i really have nothing new to say. i just want it to be friday.

and i should say in advance, i won't be able to write until he leaves. so after tomorrow night, i'll be off the grid.

and out of my mind.

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