the one that got away is getting away. september 9th.

leave it to a last minute facebook update.

i should have gone to sleep.

really? it doesn't matter.

this just makes it all easier.

coffee and his lady are moving. in one month.

and though i think it's got to be some kind of a joke, someone commented that they can't believe they're getting married.


it makes moving home slightly different.

because i did believe, and have been actively convincing myself since june, that this boy is not for me anymore. and that he doesn't factor into my thoughts about going back.

it makes moving home about what it's supposed to be about.

i don't know what to say about it. or write about it. there's nothing to say. except that i called it wrong from the outside. i don't know them together or apart. i haven't known him in years. but on the surface, it seemed really lame.

wrong again.

this ought to make dark sky even more introspective. reflective.

a great place to really say goodbye. to abandoning what little shred of hope was left somewhere inside of me, buried.

i might never see him again.

that will help.

no twinkles. no smile. no crooked nose.

it's a strange thing to read. and so close to sleep.

time changes things so quickly. i'll have plenty of time to get to the bottom of how this will make me feel further down the road.

but three posts in a night is a little excessive.

and coffee doesn't get any more of my attention tonight.

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