saturday through sunday afternoon. labor day.

saturday was fantastic. i had more sex in one day than i probably ever will again. four times in one day.

woke up. drove due north. traffic was tolerable, not as bad as i had expected, because most of the city people wento to the jersey shore, which made me very happy that i chose the mountains over the beach.

got there and sat in a little traffic. mountain town type traffic. checked in without issue.

the room was mostly awesome. there was a lack of a bathroom wall, because the room was designed with fucking in mind, i suppose. the bathroom was on the left, and had a door. but next to the toilet was the jacuzzi tub and next to that was the bed. there were two curtains, one on each side. but when both were open, you could see the toilet from the bed.

the word chalk used was intimate.

in any case, we took a bubble bath without wasting any time. which was delightful. and used the room as it was intended, a quick toweling and into bed.

we had this conversation about relationships, which is something we have done every day that he has spent here. he talked about his seven year girlfriend breakup, and asked questions about the end of my marriage, and i talked at length about ever and everything that went wrong.

we went out to dinner at a local brewery and realized for the hundredth time that i am spoiled on phila food. and phila beer. but i also think i did a great job of selecting places, as the town was small and the selections were few.

went back, had more sex, he took a nap, and i finished my book. it was about ten when i woke him up, had another bath and drank the wine.

in my planning, i'd remembered the wine glasses, and forgotten the corkscrew. room service at midnight didn't have one, so we had to go to 'the lounge' where there was a 'party'.

it was strange. this was something noteworthy in town, and to get an open bottle of wine to share, we had to go in. everyone was super fancy. the music was awful. the people were scary (to put it lightly) and the scene was really uncomfortable.

it made me feel sorry for the people there, half of which were probably staying in the hotel (easy access for getting picked up/picking up, i suppose).

the bouncer didn't want to let us in to get the bottle opened, but finally did, and we got in and out as quickly as possible.

it's hard to explain. but i was creeped out. and we were glad that the 'party' in 'the lounge' was not part of our evening plans.

there was this creepy dude standing outside the bar, looking really drunk. we took the wine to the room and had a glass each, talked, and went out to smoke with full glasses.

i was having a hard time focusing at that point, i hadn't had wine in a while, much less a nice bottle of wine since kit's wine party.

while we were smoking last cigarettes before going inside with drained glasses, creepy dude went past us and inside with a girl that i truly felt sorry for. she was too together for him, and i wanted to say to her, 'really? no. you can do better.'

and because it was the jacuzzi suite, and i'm cheap, i demanded a second bath. not that there would have been a fight, but i was going in regardless of company.

he was trying to politely tell me that this bath couldn't possibly end in more sex, but after a bit of time in the tub, his body was in agreement with my mind, and that was when it happened.

the best sex of my life, to date.

seriously? i'm still a little tingly thinking about it now, which is saying a lot. because since then, it's been a strange weekend with chalk.

but then, it was incredible.

we passed out, and i woke up from terrible dreams about ever; i blame it on all the talking the night before.

i woke up heavy with guilt, and very heady. i was waking up on the hour all night, and gave up at 915 to hit the continental breakfast, and to get some coffee and snacks for the day we had planned.

i let him sleep as long as possible, for check out.

i wrote the friday post in bed while he slept, then got up to get ready and re-pack before leaving.

when we got into the car, i turned on the gps to help us find the festival i wanted to go to in town.

the night before, i'd dropped it on the ground after the trip to the brewery. i had stood up, forgetting it was in my lap.

when i turned it on the next morning, it said the sd card was missing.

i didn't remember it having one before, and looked on the ground outside the car, and tore the car apart. nowhere.

he was fine with driving around town in an effort to find the festival, so we drove for about an hour, before i remembered the map in the passenger side door. of course, the town we were looking for wasn't on it, so we got back on the highway and started aimlessly driving, looking for road signs for it.


well, nothing but traffic.

about the time we got off just past the exit for the hotel, i remembered dropping the gps and wished that a trip back past the hotel would turn up the card, if one existed.

and it was laying there, in the parking lot. saved!

into the car and onto the festival. as we arrived, the quantity of people in mom jeans and overalls went through the roof, and i was worried that we'd just driven ten miles, ultimately, in like two hours, to get to something that was going to be a disappointment.

but the best quality chalk possesses, besides skills in bed, is that he is both patient and grateful. and he was perfectly happy paying for our tickets in to walk around and look at farm animals and county fair style food booths. there was no garlic in the air and other than garlic chowder and shrimp scampi (which i cannot stand) there was little in the way of garlic, which was strange, as we were at the third biggest garlic festival in the country.

we watched a super cheesy magic show, and left for the city. if only there had been 'the final countdown', it might have been better. but 'do you believe in magic' followed by a lot of juggling and balancing was lackluster.

he slept for most of the ride back, and i sleepily drove us home.

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