roots canaled. september 27th.

well, it's done.

and i got a discount. $400. flippin sweeter.

and it took forever, but i am feeling fine. better than fine, actually. i was expecting to feel like i did post-wisdom tooth pulling. but if i didn't have a worn spot on my upper lip, and a sharp point on the almost dead tooth, i wouldn't even know i had anything done today.

thanks, fake motrin. thanks, dr kearney.

as i was laying there for over two hours, i thought a couple things.

one: 'novacaiiiiine. for the soullll. before i sputter out.'

and two: 'i will never do this again. i will never let my teeth go again.'

because let me tell you. that was sickening. and though i don't know the procedure because i kinda liked not knowing, there was a lot going on for a long time. tons of drilling and prying and metal and powdered teeth smell. sick.

never. again.

as soon as i recover financially from this mega speedbump, i will start with the cavities. or fillings, rather. and that will be the end of that.

what else happened today?

work was horrible. i won't talk about it. if dentist talk didn't make you sick, work story from today surely would.

it sucked. i'll leave it at that.

with a face half numb and droopy, like bell's palsy, i couldn't smile. i couldn't talk clearly. more importantly, i couldn't light a cigarette, had a nearly impossible time smoking once i did get the thing lit, and came pretty close to drinking beer through a straw.

kit was on the bus that was circling to take me home. so i rode with her. straight to the bar.

seemed pseudo-appropriate following a root canal.

had one half pint pumpking beer.

came home after taking some fake motrin. in bed.

three hours later? flashforward marathon. i'm on episode number four in a row.

and i have nothing else to say.

i'm taking a moratorium on ever today.

and now, one more episode. then sleep.

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