tundra. january 27th.

well, the mortgage is paid.

because i paid it.

last night was that old familiar freezing technique. the one where i read an email from ever, and completely freeze up because i'm overwhelmed by the decisions i need to make and how stressful the whole situation is.

and we got this insane storm last night. yesterday morning, i had to scrape a few inches of snow off my car to go to suck store. which was fine. not a big deal. then it rained all day long.

then at about 5, i guess, ice started falling from the sky. heavy. cute little clear pellets that looked like the ice from a slush puppy, for those of you who grew up with them, like i did. that went on for over an hour. i would bet there was about a one inch layer of ice. then it started to mix with snow. and then, around 8 maybe, it switched to snow. and dumped and dumped.

today should be a snow day. the buses aren't running. but ivy league schools don't shut down for a lame foot of snow. it requires much more than that. i walked in. it was pretty, but a lot of work, because the majority of the sidewalks weren't shoveled. it was kindof like running on the beach.

so. last night.

i called my dad when i saw the email from ever. actually, i started to write him back. i mean, i did. but saved it as a draft. the problem was that i got it at the end of my shift at suck store.

and it made me react immediately. not that it was so over the top. but suddenly, the wait for the response was over, and that meant that i had to react. and think about my next step.

he mentioned some things i hadn't thought about yet. and also brought up things i'd been thinking of and avoiding.

so. first, he wants $12k.

now i know, just like i did, that he's putting a huge number out there. and he probably knows that he'll be lucky if i counter his counter with half of that.

saying as initially i thought he'd want 20k or 30k, i was impressed at his sensibility, all things considered.

the problems were related to the rest of the email. he brought up taking the utilities out of his name and the roommates putting it in theirs.

my problem is that i don't want to live with people. i don't want to live with two boys that i don't know regardless.

if i lived with someone, it would be someone i know. and i really really don't want to do that. in a couple months, i should have recovered from paying mortgage and rent, and should be able to live on my own.

the problem my dad brought up is that, because of our tax deduction, the house has to be our primary residence.

when ever leaves it, it means that i have to live there. legally. technically. so i don't get jailed for tax fraud.

it means that i have to have everything in my name. and i can't have the apartment.

it means that i have to email landlord.

i'll do that now:

dear landlord,

i just wanted to give you a heads up. i'm going to need the grace period this month.

my husband hasn't made a mortgage payment in sixty days, despite living in the house we co-own.

to avoid losing my house to foreclosure in two days, i had to pay the mortgage today.

i get paid on february 4th, and will be able to pay my rent in full at that time.

i also would like, at this time, to request permission to sublet my apartment.

in light of the current situation with the house i own, and in light of the recent texts i've received from you stating your dissatisfaction with my tenancy, i only see more problems in the future if i stay in this apartment, personal and financial.

please let me know what needs to happen as far as the sublet is concerned. obviously i'm prepared for the apartment to be shown, and i'm willing to place the ad and show the apartment if that is how a sublet works through you.

if i am able to borrow money from my family, i will pay rent before the 4th.

alright. that's better. probably needs a little help with the wording, but otherwise, i think it makes the point.

next, the email back to ever:

i don't expect you to pay me. i was just letting you know, on paper, what the deal is. and that anything i hand over, on top of that, is a favor.

money for my parents is not figured into the number at all. you mentioned it, so i wanted to clarify that no money is deducted for my parents.

$235k is the number we will use, since sarah agrees that is most likely what it would go for today. and since the door isn't in, we can't use the higher number.

let's settle the details of these matters without going to court, so you can go home to visit amanda.

i assumed you wouldn't get the check in time, so i will have to borrow money to cover the mortgage payment for december. it was already on the sheet as a deduction.

i understand the need to be able to go home as well and the desire to start over here, with money in hand.

please plan to be out of the house by the end of february, that is how the agreement will be drafted. i know it will take time to figure out things on your end.

i would also like to tell you that if you need the puppy to stay at the house temporarily, she can.

because you don't have the money to cover december right now, i would greatly appreciate if you paid january as soon as you get paid. and february with the rent you're about to collect. i paid the december mortgage and it is deducted from the amount i'm countering with.

my final offer, in an effort to end this quickly, is $7k.

you would get half when you sign everything, and the other half once you are completely moved out the end of february. i will gave lawyer the check for the other half of the money, so you don't worry about not getting it.

i'm going to have to talk to the tenants you have in the house already. i'll arrange a time with you to do that, so you can communicate it to them. as far as utilities go, they're going to have to be in my name.

part of the stipulation of the tax refund on the house is that it must be the primary residence. since you are moving out, it means that i have to move in. and if utilities are switched out of your name, they'll have to go into mine.

that can take effect on march 1st.

there is way too much to do to the house to sell it now, which is why i have to buy you out and handle it myself. there will be no figuring out regarding rent. you'll accept february rent and pay the mortgage, and i'll figure out what to do in march. it won't be your problem then.


so that's a pretty good day's work.

i talked to my parents.

the money to buy him out is available now.

and i'm going to have to keep the roommates.

for financial peace of mind.

tough pill to swallow.

i hope they're nice. and clean.

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