ugh. march 31st.

i feel pretty crappy.

i've decidedly taken a more homeopathic approach to the illness i've been struggling to fight off.

it involves using the neti pot, which might become an addiction. and only taking nyquil at night, instead of popping cold medicine all day long.

the first day was rough. yesterday was good, but then i overdid it a little, and now today is back to being shitty again.

i've been working with contractor on the house. yesterday was such a great day of work. we got the refrigerator plumbed in, so now you can get filtered water from the door. the ice maker isn't working yet, but water in the door is so wonderful.

we also fixed the leak under the kitchen sink. which took two attempts. the first one didn't create a seal. so the second time, we used more plumbers putty, and it worked.

he also snipped all the random speaker wire that our retarded electrician ran, that has been dangling all over the house. i'll go back and mud over them at some point. and the white registers are up in my bedroom, which now completes the 'america' theme ever was trying to create when he painted the soffit blue and red.

i like that he teaches me about what he is doing as he goes along. and he says that 'we' are working on the projects, but all the little stuff he just does himself. mostly i make myself useful by handing him tools and taking spare parts from him.

like putting up the new doorbell. which sounds so delightful. so much better than the fucking fire house buzzer bell the crazy electrician put up.

and he fixed the wire that was making the entire house of smoke detectors chirp. i saw the problem when i climbed up to the top of the ladder to put them in place, and he had it fixed inside of a minute. all detectors up and working. i thanked him for making me safe.

the other stuff if little random odds and ends. i'm so grateful that realtor put me in touch with him. it's nice to not worry about whether something is done correctly, and he's a lot of fun to work with.

i was thinking about it yesterday, when i was working on the sink... i usually learn this stuff from my dad. who, like me, has next to no patience when teaching people who know nothing. the awesome thing about contractor is that he doesn't talk down to me, even though i am tool retarded. and he doesn't run out of patience. and he doesn't skip over shit that might take a while to explain, that is important.

i am learning, and the house list of repairs no longer inspires panic attacks. which is probably the best part of all.

because, before? it took three sittings just to write it all out, because i'd get so overwhelmed i'd have to stop. it was really horrible.

hopefully realtor goes paint shopping with me soon, so i can get going on that.

that's the update from the house. i'm out of steam, and into a beerble bath...

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