four twenty. april 20th. duh, stoner...

i'm not celebrating the way millions (18 million in the us, i read this morning) of people are celebrating today.

i spent the day at suck store. i worked more than usual, because it has gotten busy out of nowhere this week. about a hundred dollars a day busier than the past weeks and months.

it was a great day. i told nina that, getting laid and having boys to be excited about, i am so much better being there now. i'm nice to people. not cranky and grumpy. if people are stupid and annoying, i don't even notice now. whereas before, it was all i could think about and focus on. i'm bubbly and bright. people are noticing.

i wrote some. i wrote a ton since i've been home. i was so fucking backlogged, and still am, but so much less. the huge things that have happened to me this past weekend are now covered.

today's news? i was texting at work. i texted joey. and told him to let me know if he was up for something. we went back and forth for a bit. set up a sunday hangout again. for 7pm. i also texted intern because his doppleganger was at suck store. invited him to the show i was going to on friday. of course he didn't message me back.

(in true stoner fashion this was as far as i got. too much to write...)

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