and now for something completely different... august 29th.


first things first. i love google analytics, specifically the map overlay report.

usually it just tells me that kit and alice, nina, and i look at my blog way too much.

but somewhere out there, i have a couple of new readers. and i don't know anyone in the cities, so i don't know who it is. but i am grateful.

to you i say: sorry for the detail i write in. and for my carrying on about boring and unimportant things. and thanks for reading.

that being said, i too have been exploring blogger. maybe someone found me by hitting the 'next blog' button. i love that thing. half the time, you land on complete shit. but the other part of the time, i find some pretty awesome stuff.

and what's strange is that part of the time, the blogs i land on are local blogs. the other half of the time, they're in spanish and i can't translate.

and i just got hip to blogs of note. which is also hit and miss. but this week i found a couple of great blogs that way.


the weekend.

another day in bed. it's almost three. i'm dressed but not showered, because i had one cigarette so far today. and i'm laying in bed. listening to new music.

it is interesting to me that i have spent this weekend learning, alone.

music and photography.

getting inspired.

it's pretty awesome.

i'm listening to the national and cat power is next. i know i like them both, but don't know them at all.

i also discovered better propaganda. and their playlists.

and was really happy to see a couple friends in their mix of picks and recommendations.

and i have been reading about pinhole cameras. i can't explain why i love the pictures so much. i'm a fan of monochrome, but the colors that come through with these photos are just unbelievable. very true. and something about the hazy quality of some of them just blow my mind. and because of the seconds of exposure time, the waterfall photos are really cool, because of the effect the water gets.

here are a few examples of what i'm talking about:

totally inspired. i don't even have to buy a camera, really. i just have to make one out of things that are laying around in the recycling bin.

in any case, i still am not clear on how you load the paper/film into the camera, or what happens after that. i don't have a dark room, so i don't know if i could even do this as a hobby. but maybe i'll ask someone about it. the paper idea sounds the best to me, because there's no film, it's right on the paper. but i still don't have a way to develop them.

even if i just sat in on a photography class or something to get the basics. because in looking at the stuff online, i was totally lost.

it was fun taking my camera last night, because i took some pretty cool pictures. i need to learn how to use the thing, for starters. i always forget to ask nina how she uses hers, but i know now which setting to use at night (iso3200), and got some very warm campfire pictures from the party.

i was proud to go alone. i really didn't feel like it at all.

i was afraid of so many things. dan and crystal. the lesbians. anyone who knows ever in general.

there was one person there who i knew from work, a customer. and lauren and her girl and her roommate. that was it.

there were so many people there. and i liked having my camera because it gave me something to do, besides focus on being there alone. and how awkward i felt.

there was a band playing outside, and then one after that in the basement.

i loved the band in the basement. the guys were nice and pretty cute. they had this somehow dancy garage band feel to it. like weezer with a groove.

i don't know. i get this feeling when i go to tiny shows like that sometimes. i feel like i'm seeing something special. something that in five years from now would be some claim to fame: 'i saw those guys in a basement with like twenty other people!'

anyways, i really liked them, and i'd see them out sometime now that i know who they are.

and i biked home, which i was also very happy about.

i took a monkey with me and drank that when i got there, during the first show.

and also took a can of pbr. and had that in the basement.

i didn't want to deal with parking. or driving. but biking was perfect. it was cool and i was home safely and quickly.

and i left during the show in the basement, in an effort to leave on a high point. i had to pee, i was hungry, i wanted water, and i guess i just wanted out.

so i said goodbye and bailed. without seeing anyone i didn't want to see. which i was also really happy about.

after that whole sticker thing yesterday, it was nice to not have any drama.

and the more i keep commitments against the odds, the better i feel about myself. i am happy to not flake even when it's what i want to do.

and i'm also glad to have alone time this weekend, too. it's been very quiet and peaceful. very restful.

two parties in one weekend. i can't even remember the last party i went to before this. but they were both good experiences, even though they didn't feel that way going into them.

i also am happy with trying new things and being open to meeting new people. well, i'm happy when it pays off and i feel good after.

though i don't want to spend the next two days at shitty store, i'm glad to have a reason to get out of bed and to not drink excessively.

though i'm mostly sure that i'll just be right back here again, as soon as my day is over and done with.


it's one of those funny words like thumb that loses it's meaning when you read it or write it a few times.

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