biggest news this week is that ever paid the mortgage. which was a relief, but i don't know how he's going to pay the next one in a week. it shouldn't be my problem. but i'm not quite resting easy just yet.

aside from that, work continues to kill me.

even laying in bed on the weekends doesn't replenish my energy, so come tuesday, i'm tired. and by wednesday, today, i'm exhausted. thursdays are nearly impossible at suck store, and tomorrow will be worse because i'm preparing for a visit from kenna on monday.

and fridays are supposed to be a day that only lasts a few hours, but have been full days for the last few weeks.

i feel like i'll never catch a break. and it's scary because someone is going to get sick soon, and i don't even know what will happen.

so i asked intern if he was going to the show. and said that i might go.

it's the worst night for a show, saturday of halloween weekend. i already have the bar anniversary party and ash and dave's party invite. but i don't know if the train will take me there and back or not. so i have to figure that out first.

i know what i want to be for halloween, but don't know if i can put the costume together in time.

i got the idea one night, while watching a monarch butterfly documentary.

because really, they are pretty well dressed creatures.

i have the polka dot top. my lucky shirt.

and i need black tights, which are cheap and easy to get. and then i'd need maybe a little black skirt. which wouldn't be hard to make of felt, segmented, if i used the stitch witchery and my iron. i guess the female butterflies have longer segmented parts, and they look like they have tiny white lines on each segment.

a black headband would make for easy antennae.

and the wings would be the hardest part. it's the only thing i need to figure out how to make. posterboard is cheap and easy, but not durable. using coat hangers is also cheap and easy, but what would go over that?

i need to sort it out. i only have tomorrow, because we're all supposed to dress up for work on friday.

we'll see. i don't know if i have it in me to pull it off.

somehow kenna let me tell her when not to come here, and somehow she's coming at the worst possible time because of end of month.


aside from work shit and halloween shit and ever mortgage shit, i don't have much to write about, which is why i haven't been writing.

i've been making the comics, framing out posts. so far, i have five. i want to start number six. but the one i want to do is really really long, and i think it wouldn't be as interesting as the others. i am contemplating doing the factory settings post.

i have done wild blue, sad sack, night cut short, cupid, and olfactory.

nothing else stands out to me, but it's because i haven't felt like re-reading lately. i feel like i'm doing alright with everything by just ignoring my problems and not dealing with them. rehashing might stress me out and bring it all back. but i do want to work things out.

i know that i want to do one from this summer. but i don't know which one. maybe that's what i'll do tonight.

kit said she started doing sketches this weekend. i don't know how i haven't seen them yet, but i'm really excited.

nina's up to her eyeballs in her magazine deadline right now, but i have a couple of ideas about how to make this a collaborative effort.

i think i need to assign someone to draw each character. in addition to me, ever, nina, kit, coffee, nate, and the writer are in the posts so far. and i really really suck at drawing people convincingly.

still brainstorming it.

i still need a sketchbook myself.

last night was awful.

i drank coffee too late yesterday, and i was up until at least 2, with the lights out and everything off. tossing and turning.

and woke up at maybe six. tossing and turning until i got up for work.

now tomorrow, i'm up at 545 yet again.

this shit is for the birds.

i'm going to watch something to lull me to sleep. sorry for the pointless post.

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