good night. october 30th, technically.

so i'm only writing this because i met a boy.

at favorite bar, where he also spends a lot of time. i don't remember ever seeing him there, though...

not much to say, really.

if my place wasn't such a mess, i could have invited him over, but i'm a chickenshit, so i wouldn't have anyways.

he's like intern v2.0.

same pennsylvania accent.

probably the same age. i'd guess 24.

we were laughing. i laughed to tears a few times.

it was random enough. went to the bar alone. only one seat was open, between two boys at the same end of the bar that was fantastic last weekend.

he was on the end, to my right.

he was there for the truffled mashed potatoes. i was there for a celebratory beer, because the wings are painted and FUCKING AWESOME.

i headed over at 1115.

he said something to me, i guess about the food. asked me what i was going to get.

and it ended up being a two hour conversation.

i went for one beer, and had an allagash white. which was fantastic, btw.

i ended up having a second.

what's funny is that he lives with sam's cousin.

we talked a lot about the phils. thank god i'm into them, and can hold my own when it comes to talking baseball now.

it was cute. i don't know. i can't stop smiling about it.

i felt really awkward being there alone. and it was such a relief to talk to someone that i didn't know, but got along well with. and he smokes, so we had a couple cigarettes together.

i don't know.

he was super cute.

i was pretty happy that he talked to me at all, much less cared about what i was saying, and matched it.

i don't want to make more out of it than it is, but i think it's pretty funny that i wrote something about a boy keeping me warm right before i left.

i don't know etiquette when it comes to talking to boys in bars and taking them home for a nice makeout session.

but i would have kissed him.

but i didn't.

and he knows i'll be there tomorrow, so i guess that if he goes, i'd better have a clean apartment. because there might just be a boy in it tomorrow.

and i wouldn't say that, but the way he looked at me when i said goodbye and gave him a hug ('i'm a hugger' preface) made me think he expected me to ask him over.

he was talking about all the broken bones he's had in his life, and when i told him about breaking my wrists in seventh grade, he asked if i needed a hug or something.

god, he was cute. i worried that i put my foot in my mouth when i commented on my 'baby sister' who is 21. like, oh shit... is HE 21? but he's out of college, and working as an e.r. tech. so he has to be at least 23, right?

god, this shit is nerve-wracking already. and this is only two hours in...

welcome to the water, i guess.

i'd be lying if i said that i didn't care if i see him there tomorrow.

i really kinda hope i see him there tomorrow. i won't drop the ball this time. i'll clean the place up.

but i might need some coaching.

heads up, kit.

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