cleanup on aisle three. october 8th.

funny story.

last night, i had the double white. and you know what? it wasn't so great. it tasted kinda funny to me. a little sour. not how i remembered it.

not nearly as good as it tasted in december. or june, for that matter.

and? for the second time in about a week, i've had a dream that ever gave me a box of things that belong to me that were at the house.

i don't know why. the box is never big.

last night, in the box, there were like five vibrators, among other things. no, i didn't leave five vibrators at the house in real life. i've never owned that many in my life.

however, i put the box of things in the trunk of my car, and then when i went to get my car, it was gone. it had gotten towed away. this happens in my dreams often.

i just remembered the box while i was in the shower.

but i remember that my family was here, and trying to figure out which tow yard my car was sitting in. and couldn't find it and i was getting mad at my dad for being overbearing and assuming about a few aspects of finding it.

the neighborhood looked like west phila. and the sign saying i couldn't park where i'd parked was on the ground, so it seemed really unfair that they'd taken my car instead of just ticketing it. i was pissed.

anyway, i think i found my car, right before i woke up.

that's all i remember.

which is surprising, as i collapsed in bed before ten, and didn't get out of bed until about eight this morning. i needed sleep. and i got it. but, because my body is accustomed to not getting enough, i started waking up at five this morning, thinking it was time to get up. i really hate that.

so, tonight is a happy hour with kim and kit. and it's the phils game two of the series, so we'll get to watch the game at the bar and have a good time.

we'll see how this night pans out. i've had zero desire for doing anything other than merely looking at boys lately. but i'm thinking that all i need is one new muse.

oh. and? coffee made his relationship official on fb today. thought that was funny. good thing to see before i go out drinking.

i had no real reaction to it. other than a little 'heh heh. took you long enough. jesus.'

still. i file things like this into some kind of subconscious filing cabinet. i'll drag it out one day when i finally cry again. when i'm pulling out everything to cry about, like i'm looking through some imaginary photo album of things that let me down.

whatever. i haven't cried in a long time. well, the night i watched the notebook. but that was movie related. i haven't cried about my life in a long time. i can't even remember when. i've felt like it lately, but not enough to make it happen.

i'll have to bust out some sad sappy movie soon. just to get the waterworks going.

oh. and i bought a sonicare toothbrush today. $70 fucking dollars. and listerine and act fluoride like my dentist told me to. felt like an ocd freak in the checkout line.

but i did it. and i should be glad. i'm kindof excited to use it.

everything i bought was for cleaning. garbage bags, dish soap, dish brush, laundry detergent.


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