a darkness. january 31st.

this is all his fault.

now i wait. and see what crazy shit he spews next.

i watched frida. not really a pick me up, though it was good. i did like it. for its educational value, if nothing else.

then i watched a veronica mars, on nina's recommendation.


i miss dexter. i miss buffy.

today was a shitty day.

i am exhausted. sometimes i forget what my period takes from me. how tired it makes me. the alarm went off too early this morning, and now i'm so tired i don't think i have the energy to try to stay awake.

nine hours ought to feel better than the six i got last night.

i spent time chatting with nina. and thought i was going to sleep.

but i started working on my dating profile for the site i will join. and i got carried away writing until after 1230, and then took an episode of the universe to fall asleep.

it's funny. outside, the snowflakes are falling as thick little five pointed stars.

i should smile.

but i should also be packing.

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