boobs and boyfriends. february 3rd.

it seems the past 24 hours has been all about boobs. my boobs. other people's boobs.


last night i went to art class.

after two weeks of snow day cancellations, i was happy to go. i almost didn't go. because kit wasn't going. but i went.

and i can't get over how glad i am that i did.

the first class was a little rough. we had a great model, but as is the norm, i had forgotten everything in the time i spent not practicing drawing.

not to mention, i haven't drawn a naked person regularly since classes with dr sam, and that was at least two years ago. the end of drawing classes last year with kit included at least one night of drawing nudes. but i had forgotten everything then, too. and it was more panic inducing than ever. same with the first class this go round.

i think part of it is me being a headcase. thinking, 'this poor girl is standing up there naked for two hours, and i can't even draw her properly. she must hate standing up there naked for two hours for people who can't even draw.'

or being super self-conscious, and wondering how people perceive me. and wondering if she'll get offended that i draw her too fat or too skinny.

stupid shit like that.

the majority of the models are super skinny white girls, who may or may not also be strippers.

last night was a lovely, thicker sister. while it does hide the ribcage, the curves and proportions are more natural to me.

after a very rough start, where i spent half the time hating every single thing i drew, i got a one on one tutorial from the guy who teaches the class. and something clicked in my head.

he had to draw over a few of my drawings to show me where i was missing something important, perspectively or proportionately. but that was okay, because i finally understood how things work.

the reason the last class of the last class was so rough was because that teacher was trying to give us a crash course in drawing the body as a series of ovals and cylinders. and i remembered drawing so well before. and never once using an armature to draw on top of.

so when he introduced it, which was around the time i left ever, class started causing panic attacks. as in life, i'd get overwhelmed by the task at hand and freeze up and just stare at the model. which is never an okay thing to do if your hand isn't moving on the page.

and the first class of this session, i had a similar experience. when the teacher would draw it, of course i could see it. but i was having an impossible time translating it onto my own page, into my own drawing.

but last night, i drew this amazing head. because the fact that the skull is just a circle with a connecting square clicked.

and i drew this skull that was so fucking awesome. i mean, it was the girl's head. but i got it right.

and then, i don't know if it was in the same drawing, i had a side view, which is usually the easiest to see the ovals for the core. and i got that right.

(i should note here that i'll put all my shitty drawings, and a couple decent ones on the tumblr page as i go through the class)

so the last pose was sitting, and i got very close to getting the pose right, i just ran out of time.

the proportion was also almost completely right.

in any case, i left feeling better than i'd ever felt leaving an art class. even though it wasn't the best drawing i've ever done, it was this feeling of the light bulb going off. i got excited about art.

and today. more boobs.

so i have been looking at pictures of myself from the summer, because nina organized her vacation here into an amazing ibook, and i kept realizing my favorite, most flattering pictures of myself were (when i was super skinny, yes) in this grey tee shirt i have. it is probably my favorite tee shirt. it's a nice low cut v-neck. and one of my favorite sweaters is this chocolate and turquoise striped one. also low cut v-neck.

and sure, i thought of 19 year old boyfriend when i got dressed this morning. and put on a nice strapless push up bra. to get everything into its proper place.

when i got out of the shower, i sucked in my stomach and stood tall and straight. and posed in front of the mirror, the way the models do in art class, and stared at myself (well, the top half in the medicine cabinet mirror) and thought a lot about how, if i wasn't so modest and terrified, i'd pose for an art class. or even start by drawing myself. posing and taking pictures of myself to draw from, if finding a full length mirror wouldn't work. and how i feel about my body, which is constantly changing. both my body and what i feel about it.

and i thought about it some more while i got ready for work, adding layers that somehow didn't hide my cute little pushed up tits.

and i went to work. and the day wore on. no 19 year old boyfriend (who was nuzzling in said tits in a dream night before last). and no caterpillar, the grad student researcher who wiggles his thick eyebrows and winks at me on occasion. he had a girlfriend over the holidays, and today i forced myself to talk to him more than i ever had.

i was telling nina. when i see him, i have an impossible time looking him in the eye. he makes my face turn red, because surely he must know that i think he is adorable. and i have to touch him when he comes through, passing bills and coins back and forth. he makes me white hot. like embarrassed, busted almost. and eventually i feel like a freak for not making eye contact and do. and he is always smiling and wiggling his eyebrows and telling us to have a nice day or something generic.

and i'd decided, in my booby shirt and booby sweater, that if he came through today, i'd ask him if he was in research. knowing full well that he is.

and at around 3 or so, he showed up. i saw him walk in the door and smiled at kim.

and i filled his coffee mug, and smiled and shook my head at myself, with my back to him. and tried to pull it together. he asked how our day was, while i tried to compute 'medium coffee refill' and touching the correct button. and i said boring. quiet. how was his day. and he said he had just gotten out of a meeting. and i made eye contact finally and asked if he was in research.

see? when i put my mind to something, and practice and rehearse it mentally, i can do it.

and he said yes. and i said, 'my friend is in research, she's in immunology. what do you study?'

and he said antibiotics.

and i (bragged?) said i'd been in 'the house'. meaning the mouse house. where the experiments get conducted. thinking it would give me street cred with the research crew that consisted of only little caterpillar.

and he said his experiments are nothing too exciting. making stuff in petry dishes and messing around with it.

and i told him to have a nice day, i guess. and it was cute, because i was still all white hot nervous. and he was facing me, talking to me, and turned to leave. and i half expected him to trip and fall or something.

like look at me a second too long, and catch his shoe on the gap in the tiles and just faceplant in the middle of all the tables.

but he didn't. and i waited until he was out the door.

and kim was cracking up. and i missed what she said. and made her repeat it. and she said, 'oh my god! he was TOTALLY looking down your shirt!' she'd been giving me a hard time about adjusting myself all morning, while i was sitting in wait for one of my boyfriends to show up.

and we collapsed into a pile of giggles and chatting about the whole thing. she said he saw her catch him after he looked at my boobs. and didn't look back to her the rest of the time. she looks out for me. she was trying to read him, catch him, notice anything to report to me, because i'm incapable.

and that it was cute, and he totally noticed while i was not noticing.

so that's my 24 hours of boobs.

i've been aware of boobs for 24 hours. i tried to force mine to look their best. and then she told me noticed my boobs.

it made my day, really.

even though he wears light colored jeans, which make him look dorky. even though he has a girlfriend. even though i see him for under a minute a couple times a week, if that often.

because it was the most i've ever talked to him, much longer than one little sentence or generic well wish, i thought he might be gay for a minute. thank god he checked me out to help quash that fear.

it was a lot like the day that i was pouring hot water for 19 year old's tea. and when he left, crystal said, 'he totally stared at your ass while you did that!'

and my reply was, 'see? i still got it!'

it's a half joke. but if i can get a guy a lot younger than me to check me out while i do something as mundane as pouring a cup full of hot liquids, then i'm doing okay.

i try to block out that he has a monster crush on the super tall, super skinny pretty chick who is also a student. i mean, i could never date a (now 21 year old?) student who is a customer. but of all of them, i always go back to that one.

and he pops up in my dreams. which is more than i can say for caterpillar, or the other one, adam, who i was really convinced was gay for most of the time i've known him. he's the one who dresses in the way that i think of as being perfectly ideal. he's blushy and adorable, polite and sweet. and always in pullover cardigans over button down shirts.

there's one more, too. and we spent a LOT of time today talking about him. he was originally ashley's boyfriend. but we all took to talking to him for her sake, and would grab her whenever he was in the line. he's also my type, we crushed on him simultaneously. but pam calls him her baby daddy. because she wants to make babies with him. today he was wearing a snow cap. we give him shit because he walks around in the dead of winter without a coat or a hat. we're talking a long sleeve shirt to cross between buildings when it's like 20 degrees out. so we harass him about it.

this guy (also don't know his name) has scruffy facial hair stuff going on, but we all agree it's good rough, not lazy rough. and he has this smile where he smiles with only half of his mouth and his right eye kinda squints up. and he laughs a lot. and wears hiking boots. in any case, he's hot and we all swoon for him. and he's classy and orders cappuccinos. and we all fight to make the best one for him. it's a dr sam throwback. he keeps us on our toes.

but today, his hat hid his messy hair. and it was a phillies cap, so we talked to him for a while about getting the wrong half of his winter gear right. and spent a solid ten minutes after he left talking about how dreamy he is.

despite the fact that they are both engaged, we all have similar taste in white guys. they get all of my crushes. including intern. as unreasonable as they all are for each of us in different ways.

this is why valentine's day is going to suck ass. and why ever can't sign fast enough for me to join the dating site. i have NEEDS. and i lust after boys who are both taken and have no real interest in me.

a girl can dream.

and i can only dream.

brownies called me tonight. it was an excellent surprise.

she was calling to ensure that i wasn't planning to jump off a bridge anytime soon.

i know that my recent posts have been super sad. because i've been super sad.

and though i really don't think about ending my life before its natural end, i've been in a dark place for a while now. and there was no bouncing back post to fix all the shit.

but i was telling her, when she asked about the dating profile i'd alluded to, that i can't answer the 'what i'm doing with my life' question by talking about what i'm actually doing with my life right now. i don't want to get into the whole going-through-a-divorce-damaged-goods aspect of my life until at least the third date.

which cracked her up. and cracked me up. but made light of a serious issue i'm having.

everyone puts their best foot forward on these things. and i'm an honesty nut. and i feel like i can't be honest with this, and it's bothering me. because i think it's a horrible way to start a relationship. right off the bat, i'm giving people a different impression of me. and leaving out the biggest thing in my life from the last year.

and yeah, it's a detail. and yeah, i'm not being dishonest, i'm just not telling the whole truth. but that has never worked for me. i hated it when ever did it. i hate it when anyone does it. and now i feel myself slipping into it. is it a slippery slope? i mean, no one is going to say 'i'm a control freak' or 'i'm depressed' or 'i just got out of a long term relationship' on their dating profile.

but still.

is it okay to leave this stuff out?

i guess what i should do here is to put the things i wrote about myself up for you guys to read. for your eyes. and see what you take issue with. or what you think sounds as retarded as i feel it reads.

as i feel like sections are finished, i'll post them for you. in an all-encompassing post called 'dating site profile'.

so there you have it.

in other news, delaware is coming not a day too soon. i have two cans of pbr in the fridge, and in light of trying to save money, i'll need to stock up so i can stay home and drink alone.

i'm slightly drunk now. which is why this post is ending abruptly.

on the heels of a night last night, where i found myself accidentally drunk, i have repeated myself.

i'm a lightweight. without dinner food to balance shit out, two beers is all it takes. one nice craft beer, followed by a can of pbr, to be precise.

last night i drank fast, partially because i was thirsty, and partially because i didn't want to be up late. i had a beer and probably could have stopped there. but force of habit tells me that i would be up all night. so i had another. and i was hungry, but told myself it was all in my head. so i polished off the second beer about an hour after i started. the first was gone in 20 minutes.

and i got the hiccups and laughed because i can always stop them by holding my breath for a minute. but last night they wouldn't go away. and i smoked and hiccuped, which was a first that i can remember. and it was horrible.

then, caving to my hunger, i had some thin mints chocolate ice cream.

and when that didn't fix it, i had some cheesy grits.

awesome combo right? all following beer? i'm cool like that. i like to mix shit up.

tonight was a slower process. i drank the first quickly again, because i was thirsty. and the second more slowly, and with a break in between.

but now i'm hungry again. so instead of blathering on here, i'll just end this quickly. make some food. and go to sleep. only problem? it's 847 and i get to sleep in.

sigh... drinking on an empty-ish stomach is mostly fun. until i don't feel like cooking. and end up either eating leftover tacos for the fourth day in a row, or reheating chicken fingers and fries. which is my go-to comfort food.

all following the apple fritter i could no longer say no to that was my breakfast today.

goddamn if i don't love a fucking fritter.

maybe i should date one.

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