crunch time. march 9th.

so it's the night before moving day. and there are not words for how much i want to skip art class and just stay home and drink and pack the rest of my stuff. organize the boxes into fragile and not fragile. and mark them according to which floor they go on in the house.

i'm hoping i don't offend them when i ask them to move stuff that is already in the house. stuff ever left behind that i don't want to have in the rooms i'm using. i decided the bakers racks should all go into the basement, so things can be stored, on wheeled carts, up off the floor. because emptying and cleaning the basement is a top priority, even though there's not really a need for it to be. and i realized that the bed ever left behind can be topped by the futon pad and then i can sleep on it. so that is pretty awesome.

* * *

i went to art class despite debating it in the parking lot after dinner and beer with kit. i was too full and too tired and too dreading the packing. but i went. and it was the best night i think i've had.

i'm powering through packing now. organizing boxes and marking which floor they go on.

i think it's going to be okay. so much for transitioning between places. i'm just moving in... it will be okay. everything will be ooooookayyyyy.

i'm too tired to write more. i'm just glad i got some kind of a fourth wind and could pack the rest. i'm very close to being done. and that makes me very very happy.

having realtor help me tomorrow night will be awesome. she's great at arranging. and offered to help me unpack, too.

tomorrow i'll write from the house. and that trips me right the fuck OUT.

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