loud sex sundays. march 6th.

so i know, for a fact, that every sunday my upstairs neighbor is home to put out her trash. and it took about a month of hearing her loud sex to realize that every garbage night, i have to drown out her sex.

thanks, evelyn. i'll put my trash out shortly. thanks for reminding me.


it's been an interesting weekend. that last post was long and drawn out. i was up until four on saturday morning. caught a four hour nap and went to dc with kit. it was worth the pain i was in, because her parents are awesome, seeing her sisters again was fun, and meeting her three week old nephew was amazing.

just like the last time i held a baby, this one made me pine for that time in my life.

i mostly think i don't ever need to have a kid, until i hold a baby. her nephew is so sweet. he sleeps a lot, but when he was awake, he was just checking everything out, looking around, and not making a sound.

i got to hold him for a long time, while he was sleeping. and touching his super soft head, rubbing his long tiny back and feeling his spine, and looking at his tiny hand clenched around the top third of my thumb just sealed it. i don't think i can refrain from having a kid at some point.

he was making the cutest noises while he was sleeping on me, nuzzled into my chest, with his legs tucked up. like newborn versions of kitten purrs. i couldn't stop smiling and laughing.

in any case, we ate a lot of food, drank too much coffee, and just talked with everyone for hours. and then got back into the car and drove the almost four hours back. it was sweet and condensed. and there was no traffic on the way back, only a little on the way down. we spent half the time talking, and half the time with the music super loud, saying nothing.

i value a friend who can ride in silence, and not think something is wrong. sometimes it's nice to have company, and not feel a need to fill the air with words. to just be. it was great.

and we rolled back into town, wiped out from the driving, went to favorite bar, shared a burger and fries. had a couple beers, and parted ways.

i got inside, checked email and whatnot. and my eyes were closing while i was trying to queue up saturn on the universe (one of my favorite episodes). i didn't make it through the opening credits. it was awesome. and i had earplugs in, and put on my sleep mask. and i woke up ten hours later.

best night's sleep in so long. seriously. i woke up with a sore back, i slept so long.

and made coffee, and went to the house.

i did my laundry, which was awesome. i cleaned, another pass of mopping. i think this is six for the third floor, and three for the rest of the house. i'll keep mopping until the water runs clear. it's still very gray. and because it's been raining, it was musty smoke smell in every room. so gross.

then, i mopped a second time today, and this time i grabbed pinesol. i hate pinesol. the smell of it. how it makes so many suds and streaks the floor. but when the bedroom had dried, i couldn't smell smoke. just pinesol. we'll see if that sticks.

tomorrow, i meet up with realtor and contractor. we're having a beer, and then he's going to walk through and see the house with us. help me put together a list of things that he can help me with, to get ready for sale. what to worry about and what not to worry about.

at kit's sister's house, i paid attention to the paint there, because they essentially have the dream house version of my house. it's a light brown, and i think that might be the color i go with in the house. it sounds boring, neutral, for me. but in their house, it feels comfortable, and looks like a catalog, very rich, very tasteful. i think i just tend to personalize where i live. and i have to remember that this house isn't for me, it's for someone else to fall in love with. and neutrality always wins.

so i'll feel better after that meeting. not to mention, i'll get his opinion on the garage, so i'll know what i have to do next.

i spent some more time today updating my profile on dating site. i like changing it often. my mood changes, what i think is important changes. what i think is cheesy as an afterthought requires removal.

because music is most important to me, i add to that more than anything else. i always look at music other people list, if i get that far into their profile. and little fireworks go off in my brain when they list someone i really love, that is obscure. it reminds me of that hipster joke...

q: how many hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?
a: it's a really obscure number, you've probably never heard of it.

today was productive at the house. i got up and went over at 1130 i guess. didn't drink enough coffee and gave myself a wicked headache. probably because i drank so much coffee all day yesterday, and then tried to squeak by on one glass today. but before i came home with the headache, i did so much.

i spent a whole hour changing the door locks. i changed the handle first, then the deadbolt. it was pretty tough, lacking a power screwdriver and all. and it's not the easiest thing in the world to do, but a hell of a lot easier than you might think.

it looks awesome. no more busted up ghetto brass handle. pretty brushed nickel. so sleek. it makes me want to paint the front door. which is dirty white. gross.

no more flood of people with keys. no more ever access. brilliant.

he texted to say he was meeting mike tonight. and i ignored him. he wanted me to tell him where his paycheck was that arrived in the mail. since i've not collected rent from mike, because ever ignored my texts asking him to clarify that they pay me now, i'm holding on to the only thing i have to hold over his head. even though it's probably a ten dollar check for an hour of work.

that was mean. and probably not too far off. and i'm not sorry.

after the door, i mopped the top two floors. again. and then went to the store. walmart. again.

bought a staple gun. some bins for food, some dry erase markers and push pins for the board where we'll have bills and notes. a new welcome mat.

tomorrow night is going to be so awesome. after the walkthrough, a huge trash night. again. so so good. as the house gets cleaner and emptier, i think i get more excited. i meant to take pictures tonight. and forgot. because of the headache. damn.

but i remembered to leave a note saying that rent is $525, due on the first, no later than the fifth.

today is the sixth. they'd better pay by tomorrow, or i'm going to be much less nice than last night, and make much more of an impression.

when i got back with my brand new staple gun, i fixed the carpet on the stairs. i cannot believe ever, still. but i fixed it. it only took about fifteen minutes to figure out how to use the damned thing. i know it's simple. i think i loaded the staples wrong, and then couldn't get it from there. i figured it out eventually.

you know, it relates to this, and also to dating site.

i'm smart, okay? i have an above average iq, i am book smart. but when it comes to common sense shit, and being observant, and coming up with immediate responses, i'm a fucking lost cause. i can't figure out simple things, i miss everything, even when everyone around me sees/hears/observes it, and i think of the witty response like three days later.

to be clear, i am smart. and the test i took the other night on dating site said i'm a pure nerd. but when it comes to looking smart in front of boys? that will probably never happen. at least i'm not afraid of that.

and i proved a few things to myself today, by fixing more shit ever hadn't. i was proud. i felt accomplished. and i was done by four. and have been laying in bed relaxing ever since.

i think beard boy is going to get hit on next. i mean, most of them have beards, it's true. but this one has beard in his username. he's tall, but otherwise seems like someone i'd crush on.

here's to hoping for some retaliation loud sex before moving out of this apartment...

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