moving day. again. march 10th.

a year and four days. that's how long it has been since i moved out of the house and into kit's 'halfway house' apartment.

it's strange.

i woke up slowly this morning, when i really should have been moving quickly. but i just couldn't make myself go. i got a shower and packed all of my bathroom stuff into the nearly full bin i'd made. put the dried off dishes into their respective boxes and bins.

i ended up making a huge pile of stuff that i wanted to move myself, so as to not end up with broken things that can't be replaced. and leaving miss breezy (my bike) there, too. but everything else went. i remembered to put the fridge stuff into my cooler, and make them move it.

everything was cool, they had everything into the truck in 40 minutes. but my friend, who was driving, one of ever's former employees, locked the keys in the truck. so we were stuck, stalled out for an hour while they tried to break into it with two flimsy wire hangers that weren't doing the trick.

i walked around the block and found a broken wire hanger on the sidewalk (the only time i have been grateful for trash on the streets), and brought it back. the south phila trash gods smiled upon us, within a few minutes, the door was open and we were off to the house.

i think the unloading portion of the move took maybe 20 minutes. i'd thought it would take longer than the moving out of the apartment, as there are three floors to put things on. but it was twice as fast.

i paid and tipped them well, and raced to suck store to cover for cat.

i have another hour to goof off before i close up shop and go about the rest of my day. moving stuff, unpacking, rearranging.

it will be intense, but the worst part was done for me. i cannot say how grateful i am for hiring movers. i'm so cheap, i almost didn't do it. but it was seriously the smartest $300 i have ever spent, possibly. and i have never moved/been moved so fast in my entire life.

i will probably never move myself again. it was that awesome.

not to mention, that minus sloshing around in wet crocs and wet jeans during the move and at work, i'm not tired. that is the best part. and i'm not sore either. i didn't life something the wrong way and pull my back out. yay for working smart, not hard. i am a fan.

i don't really know what to expect. i think i'll probably wake up confused tomorrow. not having to move all that shit around means that it will be a little surreal to experience everything being at the house now.

ripping the band aid off is probably the best way to move, so i will eventually be grateful for a quicker settling in period, created out of necessity. having only random stuff at the apartment will take about 30 minutes to load into the car. and maybe an hour of cleaning. and then? done! go directly to jail - do not pass go. and collect $700.

in other better, brighter, more wonderful news, my stalker skills paid off. dark sky star party tickets went on sale yesterday morning. and in light of all the money i've been spending on tickets for my own personal entertainment lately, this just follows suit.

the party is over memorial day weekend this year, so i know it will sell out a lot faster, because everyone will be able to go without missing work. i'd been checking the site every day since i realized it was about to go on sale, but they hadn't updated it yet. yesterday, it was on sale, and i'd say within a few hours of it going on sale, i had my space reserved for my little tent.

i'm so excited. 75 days from now, i'll spend four days and four nights under the most beautiful sky i will see until i head to the west coast. i cannot wait. my stomach is flipping just thinking about it.

i'm even more excited because there's a good chance that aubree might go this time. kit is trying to figure out if she can go, because one of five weddings she's supposed to attend is that weekend, back home. so she might not be able to go. and i told aubree, if she backs out and kit backs out, i have two months to find a hot boy to share the tent with. that seems unlikely, though. ten to twelve hours in the car and four sleepless nights without showering sounds like the least romantic thing. or maybe just the chance to be the least romantic thing ever. because if it went badly, i'd be in the middle of nowhere with no one i know to vent to. and stuck with a smelly boy for five whole days. ugh!

unless, of course, there was an intern... see? months of trying not to think about him or talk about him, and i still want to jump him under the stars. sigh... my stomach flipped harder with that tiny little thought.

what will be will be. no matter what, i will be under that sky. and that makes me insanely happy.

off to the house, bloggerland. here's to hoping for things to go smoothly and quickly. and for nothing important getting lost in the shuffle. the beer is there, so i'm off to a good start!

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