aubree's birthday. november 10th.

i didn't talk to her yet, she's out now. but i did text her.

i nearly forgot her birthday. i should have sent something, but only remembered yesterday.

i saw 1111 at work today, and i didn't make a wish, because they've been defeating me.

and i realized today that tomorrow IS eleven eleven.

i am planning to go to the bar after work tomorrow. hopefully kit can join me, because i don't want to go alone.

and i don't want to think about it.

my new boy at work, who i wouldn't have chosen, but who i think might be flirting with me, winked at me today.

it made me feel better.

there was a big thing at work yesterday, and one today. with quinn.and i guess i'm just over the drama of her being the age she is.

she's not a suitable replacement for me. and that is unfortunate.

i have a hormone headache, and i'm having one beer before bed.

i'm tired but not sleepy. and this week has been easier, finally. save for the drama.

tomorrow is suck store again.

i'm not feeling it. or ready for it. but will i ever be? until it closes, i don't think that i will.

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