new socks. november 7th.

i'm watching alice in wonderland. the tim burton version. on netflix. because today i decided that i needed something other than internet tv and movies.

i need to be up and out of bed more, and this is sure to do the trick.

though it's only a slight improvement over being in bed, it's something. so glad i took the wii when i left.

i don't have to spend time seeking out episodes of shows online.

and i can see all the movies i've missed for so long.

i'm excited. and it's nine dollars a month. which is just awesome.

now if i can just cancel my wasteful gym membership, i'll be ahead.

today was a different kind of a sunday. i did a few things i don't usually do.

laundry is usually a friday afternoon or saturday morning thing. but today, it was a sunday morning thing.

then i rode my bike. which i rarely ever do on the weekend. i guess that i know i'm not riding to work two days this week, so i thought i would get some riding in today.

alice was working at the game store in center city, and i told her i'd come keep her company for a while today. i'd been wanting to buy bananagrams, so i rode there. and it's across the street from h&m, which is somewhere i'd really been wanting to spend a little chunk of money.

so i window shopped and saw a lot of sweaters i liked. hung with alice for a while, covered her while she ate. goofed off.

then i went to h&m. but when i went in, the only sweater i could find in the store that i saw in the window didn't look right on. so i bought socks. lots of them. ten pair.

in has been in the thirties at night for a couple weeks now. and fourties and fifties in the day. so it's time to put away the crocs and bust out the boots.

i needed socks. wicked bad. i'd thrown all my holey ones away, and have been using only a couple pair that i had.

and though i probably didn't need the really cute pair of underwear, they were too cute to leave in the store. now i'll have to visit alice again and step across to try on the matching bra...

and that was the extent of my shopping.

until i passed bath and body works. which has a really nice warm amber smell to replace the one i'm so close to finishing off.

so there was that, too.

there's something to be said for retail therapy, but i didn't really get anything out of my system, because i didn't buy jeans or sweaters, or anything i wanted. i only bought things i needed.

and bananagrams.

now i just need someone to play with.

it was a bit like being transported back in time, being in the game store. there were so many awesome toys and games and things i'd forgotten about or never seen or heard of.

and now i have accumulated apples to apples, scrabble, and bananagrams, so i am inspired to start a game night.

there were things for desks, calendars for anyone and everyone. board games, classic games, rubiks cubes and silly putty.

i enjoyed being there, and spending time with alice. i need to do that more often.

then i rode home.

and made food. if you can call it that.

and started alice in wonderland.

i really never liked the original movie. and i also really don't care for this one. but i've started it, so now i'll finish it.

i've really been wanting to see 'neverending story' lately. i have seen it referenced a few times, and it used to be one of my favorite movies when i was small. that, and 'flight of the navigator'.

i had intended to help robbie this weekend, only he didn't call me, so i didn't call him. i'll see him tomorrow.

maybe i didn't really mean it when i said i'd help him. i thought i had all this time, and on the days now when i have time to spare, i just can't do it.

i want to help, but i get tired from working too much. and i guess i also feel like i can't do anything to really help. i have no balance in my life.

maybe i can just go by and say hi or something.

i feel like a jerk.

i really want to be a person of my word. but when it comes to this, i just can't come through.

i don't have much else to say. i'm emotionally drained and crampy. and all i want is to go to the bar. but i'm not.

and because i'm so smart? i thought that the sun would set later when i set my clock back. i was shocked when it was getting dark at 5. really uncool. i guess it's the spring time change that i love. it's certainly not this one. when i was ready for bed at 630, now that becomes 530.

only now i have 8 million things to watch. this is dangerous. four seasons of the universe? i didn't know there were that many! sensory overload...

i've actually been wanting to write about my thoughts since i watched all the episodes of cosmic journeys and the universe and a few nova that were on hulu. my mind gets blown every time.

back to the regularly scheduled programming. this is the best distraction. ever.

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