november 18th.

yeah. suck store.

didn't get up early, because i couldn't fall asleep. i know i was awake at 1230. i am sure i was up until at least 1.

totally awake.

couldn't think of anything to help me fall asleep. not even thinking of someone to be sleeping next to me.

i mean, i thought of it, but it didn't put me to sleep.

i think it's the diet coke.

i mean, i pretty much know it's the diet coke. i'm going to have to get caffeine free. because it sucked.

so i took a few hours' nap. came to work.

totally uneventful day so far. a little too quiet for my taste.

i'm going shopping after work. for food, not anything fun.

and i ordered food to be delivered with a couple people from the room i work in, loudly enough for the douchebags to hear. i really, really hate them.

and knowing that i can do at least one little thing to make them angry makes me even happier. my lunch is going to taste great.

there's not really much else to report. especially not since i just wrote last night.

i was cracking up writing out the story of the boy last night. it was so funny. i think i picture the way the girls look at me when i have one of those moments, and that alone makes me laugh. adding this shy quiet boy into the mix makes it even funnier. i know his face. and imagining him raising his eyebrows makes me laugh harder.

i am really craving bread today. i know it's all a mindgame. i just want what i can't have. this is one of my universal truths. knowing that i can't have something makes me want it all the more.

actually, lunch sucked. the order got screwed up and i ended up paying $19 for a salad that was doused in dressing, five teeny pieces of chicken nuggets with fries i couldn't eat, and mozzarella sticks i didn't want, but ended up paying for.

that's what i get for trying to make a point.

i can't even eat the salad. it was warm, too. so, into the fridge, and i'll mix it with salad i buy at the store later. two people ordered cheese sticks, but they were both for the same person. since i called it in, i paid for it.

man. stupid.

i could have spent about $5 downstairs and had pretty much the same thing. only the way i wanted it. oh, well.

last night, i had this feeling. that underlying excitement feeling again. like something exciting is about to happen.

and it was funny, after the near run-in with caterpillar through the window, when i walked my bike home, i stopped to light a cigarette at a strange part of my walk, i happened to look to my right.

cute intern-looking boy. not the one i wanted to see. but still... it was on an alley, and i never look down it. and there he was, looking back at me.

now i know.

cute boy smoker, halfway down...

i've really got nothing. grasping at straws here.

in the book of epic fails, this one might be the best in a while...

i am so smart that i scheduled my surgery for two days after my birthday, which falls on a wednesday this year.

so the night i'd want to go out, i will be recovering from being knocked out.

pretty smart, right? yeah. totally smart.

and the girls at work and i agree that we need to go to karaoke for my birthday. none of us have ever gone, i don't even know where to go. but it's the plan. i mean, i've watched. but i've never participated.

kim and i are going to do a katy perry duet. the one song comes on like 5 times a day at work, and every time we tell each other it's katy perry.

in planning for it, last night, i realized that the day when i wanted to plan it for is the same as surgery.

oh, well...

it will be one for the books.

i guess this is 33. getting older. having surgery on my birthday weekend when i'd much rather party my ass off instead.

i'm not a fan. not that i want to be all benjamin button growing younger, but you know... it would have been nice to stall out at like 27 for a bunch of years.

it will be a few more years until i'm prime again. i guess that will be the next cool birthday.

though to go on a tiny elevens tangent...

33 is a multiple of 11.
and i'll be 33 for almost all of 2011.

so there. take that, 11.

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