story slam. november 20th.

so, thanks to kit, i did something i never would have done otherwise, and now i'm struck with inspiration again.

there was this thing called a story slam.

people who want to tell a story put their name in a bucket. names are drawn and they tell a story about a given topic. there are ten slots, and three judges, but the crowd also scores each person.

it's like open mic for storytellers.

i'd never heard of such a thing, and it was at the museum, which was a change of venue from their normal nights at a couple local bars.

needless to say, it won't be my last.

so one of my biggest fears, maybe even fear number two, after spiders and before drowning, is public speaking.

i don't know that i can muster the strength to do it someday, but this thing made me want to.

on february 14th, which is my first day of singledom according to the constraints i've put upon myself, the topic is ex-files.

and if ever there was a more appropriate topic for me to tell a five minute unscripted story, that would be it. the next one at the smaller bar is in december, and that topic is anniversaries. which kit said i should totally do.

i am thinking about it. drop my name in a bucket and see if i get picked. tempting fate, in a way. only last night, there were only nine names to fill ten slots, so everyone had to go up.

it was a lot of fun.

i agreed to go, and kit agreed to go to favorite bar with me after.

so we took the bus up and back, met a couple who were friends with the director of the program and who came from favorite bar.

and went for dinner and drinks after.

and there was no sign of boy, but sam was working. the night before i'd promised myself that i'd introduce myself to hot bartender. and i did. and it was nice. last night, i promised myself i'd ask sam about boy.

and i did. it was not so nice.

she hasn't seen him since that night, and thinks he moved away.

so i guess it's over.

in my head, at least, it has to be.

and after finding that out, i promised myself that i would never let something like this happen again.

i won't be afraid next time. well, i will. but i won't let it stop me if there's a boy that i like.

so it was an interesting night. and i feel alright today.

couldn't sleep in, but didn't get out of bed until after 11. then cleaned and listened to interpol because i never do, but like them.

and now i'm here. writing. about to do laundry. and watch a bunch of stuff on netflix.

i like saturdays like this. it's chilly out, but kinda sunny, and i like that i have nothing imperative to accomplish. just what i want, when i want.

also, i set up my birthday mini-party.

i guess it's in preparation for the story slam, in a way.

i only invited 12 people to do karaoke. which i've never done. because of said fear.

intern got an invite, even though i know he won't show up.

i picked only the most fun people i know, who would be into it.

i want to do something else, where i invite a bunch of people. and maybe i will. but this is the one thing i've decided to do to push myself a little out of my comfort zone. to have a good time and be social.

aside from that, i guess i've noticed leaves this week.

most of the pretty ones are dead and fallen. trees that served as umbrellas this summer when i'd smoke in the rain are now bare and serve no secondary purpose. they just remind me that it's getting colder, it's really fall, and winter is on its way. snow and all...

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