rtw 74. 11/20/10

unforgettable food.

symbolic food:

wedding cake

a loaf of bread and red wine


i'm having a hard time with symbolic food.

much easier time with associations.


with being sick - saltines, chicken noodle soup

with being home - stew, enchiladas, sausage biscuits at grandmas, oreos, cashews, cake scraps (mom's a baker and trims the tops off to level cakes), cheezits, homemade chili, cheesecake, pot roast, ice cream cake

with holidays - sausage and cheese drop biscuits, fruitcake that i refuse to eat, cookies, blondies, homemade dinner rolls, mashed potatoes, ham that i don't eat, sweet potatoes with marshmallows that i don't eat, deep fryer turkey.

favorites - indian buffet (samosas, channa masala, jasmine rice, naan, tandoor chicken, chicken tikka masala, gobi masala), pumpkin cheesecake, chips and dips, bakery cakes with whipped frosting, apple fritters at work, red velvet with cream cheese frosting, grits with real butter, bacon, plain popcorn with real butter, homemade salsa, cucumbers, chicken fingers and french fries, burgers medium rare, hummus and pita, kalamata olives, chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches, cereal dry, whipped cream, strawberries

with being broke - ramen, rice and beans, potatoes, frozen waffles

with atkins - pepperoni, cheese, salad, celery, cucumbers, chicken, stoli vanil and diet, mixed nuts

with tahoe - mango salsa, ramen, iced white mochas

with people:

enchiladas for traveling bands and house guests

monkey bread and chocolate shakes with kit

chocolate brownies with nina

blueberry waffles with nate

drinks: ginger ale and sprite and theraflu with being sick, hot chocolate with extra mimi marshmallows on a cold day, blueberry iced coffee and eggnog lattes are a favorite, cheap red wine out of the bottle with being lonely and sad, pbr with being broke, golden monkey as a favorite beer, slimfast shakes and iced instant coffee with college,

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