what. the. fuck. january 9th.

so i spent as little time yesterday as possible, doing anything but something that could be deemed time well spent.

i slept in late, laid in bed until after two drinking coffee. had two cigarettes all day, and then decided to get dressed and cleaned up and go for a beer. kit joined me, it was a good finish to an otherwise lame day of laying around and doing nothing and being alone in silence.

today, i felt like i needed to make up for lost time. i was up and cleaned by 130 to go to work with kit. i had already pulled up all the things i needed to print out for court with ever. i got denied for the credit card, so i pulled my credit reports. and then my credit score.

and then vented with kit and her coworker, because my score was 763 when we bought the house. and now? 679. that's what ever is doing to me.

i went to kit's for a bit after that, digesting, then came home.

and i watched 'he loves me, he loves me not'. a delightful gem about a fucking psycho stalker. bad idea jeans. goddamn audrey tatou. hoping for a little romantic comedy. suckerpunched.

so that put me in a lovely mindset. about two thirds of the way through the movie, my phone rang.

it was ever.


he called me.

i guess seeing me made him want to get this shit over with. fancy that...

i didn't answer.

i panicked instead.

and then checked my email.

and interestingly enough, something from the lawyer.

apparently that night after the bank run in, ever went home and called my lawyer and talked to him. so today, i got an email from the lawyer telling me he'd explain it all on the phone tomorrow, but that ever wants the three of us to meet and talk and settle all the details. and put the house on the market asap.

that he doesn't want to be in the house anymore.

my mind is beyond blown.

so then my dad called about halfway through 'empire records', which was my favorite movie for a long time during high school. i took that call.

i had told mom about running into ever. so dad called asking about the weather...what else is new. and i could tell he wanted to tell me something. but i told him about running into him, and about the calls and emails today.

and he said that ever had called him.

while i was home.

on family dinner night.

out of the blue, ever called him at the house and talked to him about the blizzard, and that he wanted to talk to him about a few things. and dad was nice and polite and helpful. but then he was having a meeting and people were showing up, could he call him later that night. so dad said he'd call him back later. and when he did he never answered.

so that was interesting also. even more so, because he didn't BOTHER TO TELL ME WHILE I WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. but whatever. he really wanted to talk to him and know what he was thinking. but ever never gave him the chance.

on the bright side, running away is closer than it's ever been.

i can't call him until i know what they discussed.

tomorrow will be an interesting day.

fucking awesome.

can't hardly wait.

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