sneaky, sneaky. february 8th, part two.

dear tea,


love, the sneaky hate spiral

(a reference to my favorite blog, hyperbole and a half. it's here:

there's going to be no nice way of saying this. i'm going to sound like an asshole.

but today is annoying customer day.

my job at suck store is retardedly easy. so when people make it difficult, i get pissed.

twice today, here's the part where i'm an asshole, people in wheelchairs have been a pain in the ass.

i'm sorry. but one lady picked her bag of food up, upside down and dumped it on the floor. her son was helping her. she didn't need to do anything but sit there and be helped. so that was awesome. because i'm not an asshole in real life, i gave her another one and didn't charge her extra for it.

and the other one? the other one was bad, and luckily it was the one that happened first.

okay. it's more his fault (the guy pushing her) than hers.

suck store is in a shit neighborhood. so a lot of addicts come into the room i work in and fuck shit up.

this guy had that whole probably 45 year old dude with missing teeth which makes him look 60. pushing this lady who was old enough to be his mom, but wasn't.

so he parks her in front of the cash register. and tries to pay with a credit card. which is a funny thing to do when there's a huge sign that says 'cash only' in huge letters. so then he tries to pay with a $100 bill.

ok, first of all? no. second of all? are you kidding? for two small coffees? and you're an addict. i'm not taking a $100 from you.

so he leaves her sitting there, in front of my register and the food section of the counter. and goes to find an atm.

for the next ten minutes, i had maybe 10 customers. and this idiot woman wouldn't move. and he was m.i.a. so everyone was reaching for food around her, and walking around her to pay.

come ON.

then, twice today, i started people's drinks, only to have them change their mind in the middle. like, an afterthought. oh, can i have that sugarfree? can you make that iced? oh sure. let me just dump out this whole drink i made because you were too busy texting to pay attention to the words falling out of your mouth. idiots.

goddammit. it's just fucking coffee.

but in the mindset i'm in, it is really pissing me off.

i literally probably helped 40 people today. and only half didn't annoy me or upset me in some way.

i want to go home. now.

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