memorable memorial day. may 31st.

i feel better now than i did yesterday.

i had a great day today.

very mellow.

all of that angry writing got it out of my system, i suppose.

or just the passing of time.

i spent most of the day doing many things at once.

went through our collective cds for the third time. pulling the few of his i missed the first two times out, making a pile for him.

and as i passed things i have missed or want to hear, i imported them and put them on my ipod.

so i have all of this new old music now.

and i got the newer thao cd. just heard that. it's awesome, not the same as the others, but it definitely has some highlights.

and i added about seven more songs to the spring mix. it's coming along nicely.

while all that was downloading and uploading and importing (8 million years on the dinosaur computer), i cleaned the place up. and did the dishes. and then i went shopping.

i wanted to buy the sandlot on dvd. i tried to watch my old old vhs of it last night. i mean, i did watch it. only it was so destroyed, it fuzzed out every three seconds. so i only saw a third of the movie, and heard maybe two thirds of it.

so i went to the movie section. and found it. five dollars.

and next to that? corpse bride and charlie and the chocolate factory. tim burton, swoon... all five bucks each.

i guess the main purpose for my trip was in preparation for dark sky park. i bought my new four person tent. i bought two sleeping bags. though i don't exactly know why. maybe someone who doesn't have one will want to go camping with me? i got a few other things. but i spent $145. and the best part was? it only cost $45.

ever's mom had given me a $100 gift card for best worst christmas. and i had planned and planned to use it for paint for the house.

but when i left, i took it. and i held onto it this whole time, intending to give it to him.

but i guess that after the way i felt all day yesterday, i decided it would be much sweeter to spend it on myself.

so that is precisely what i did.

also, i'd been wanting some new work clothes, since summer is pretty much here now. and i wanted to hit this sale. so i did. and i got a pair of skinny jeans and work pants and two shirts for $32.

i love shopping. i missed shopping. more than that, i love finding a great deal. and i love saving money.

i love guilt-free shopping.

i doubt i'll feel guilt about spending the ever's mom's money. after what her son is putting me through, it's kindof the least she could do, right?


then i baked brownies for a belated birthday present. the pan to replace the pan i tried to set on fire the other night. and they were great.

oh. and the landlord made me a hamburger.

things are looking up.

i am well rested. not that i'm ever ready to go back to work, but i'm as ready as i'm going to be for my day tomorrow.

i'm glad today was awesome. after yesterday, i needed it.

and i'm glad i am starting to let go of some of those harsh feelings. i'm sure in a week they'll be back again, or whenever i have to talk to him next.

but for now, i'm going to eat some grilled goodness, and drink my last beer for a while (fingers crossed), and stare at johnny depp for a couple of hours.

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