spa day. kindof. feb 13th.

so i can't afford a spa day. that is obvious.

i did the next best thing.

i went to hair cuttery. i paid some nutty jersey girl $15 to fix what aubree did to my hair.

she had the craziest eye shadow on. she was covered in makeup and perfume, but her lids were bright purple.

yeah, in a way you get what you pay for. she took like 3 seconds to wash my hair. and that is my favorite part of getting my hair cut.

and yeah, she talked to everyone who worked in the salon instead of me. but i always kinda hate small talk at the salon anyway. i could have done without her being all loud in my ear, though.

anyway, she had a lot to say about letting my sister cut my hair, and how messed up it was. but she fixed it. and i am happy. end of story.

so i went from there to the gym to spend ten minutes in fake sunlight.

there's something so strange about how your skin smells after you sweat under those lights. the fans make it evaporate. it doesn't smell like the sweat you work up in other ways.

i know it's bad, but it makes me feel better. fake sunlight in the wintertime. it's so warm. i have gone twice in the last couple weeks, and not for several months before that.

in any case, i got a tan. then i gave my car a spa day. i went to the $3 car wash. much better, miss b. much better. no salt. no dirt. and no snow on the horizon. i heard it's going to hit 60 this week.

then i got home.

i really wanted a pedicure this weekend. because never in my life have i ever one. i couldn't swing that, so i did the next best thing.

i came home, grabbed a sea dog (blueberry ale) and made a bubble bath. beer in the bath. i have only done it a couple times ever. really i hadn't taken bubble baths in years, until chalk came to visit. and only once after chalk, the night my mom surprised me and showed up at my door.

after my bubble bath, i gave myself a pedicure.

speaking of surprising me, showing up at my front door...

brownies sent me flowers today.

i was up this am and wanted to be out for landlord to show the place at noon. which is why i decided to get the haircut today. but just before i was about to leave, landlord texted that flowers showed up for me.

i went downstairs to get them. they are so pretty. little tulips that mostly hadn't bloomed yet. but are just about to.

when i opened the card, i laughed and almost cried a little.

it was from brownies, her dog, and her two cats. my not so secret admirers. it was the cutest card.

totally made my morning.

i had a coffee at favorite bar with kit before going on my little adventure. landlord showed the place to a couple, they showed up 30 minutes late, as i was getting home, so i walked around the block a few times until they left.

kit left from brunch and went to dc, because her sister went into labor overnight. she just had him a little bit ago.

so it's valentine's day eve.

and i'm okay with having a quiet and lonely weekend.

because it's going to take a while for the single life to be fun.

i got two messages just about instantaneously, upon signing up for the dating site.

one was a guy who thought i'd want beer with him because he had the goonies box set complete with board game.

the other was a young man, all of 25, who told me i was beautiful and that he would love to have the privilege to take me out and get to know me.

at least i can spot the young manwhore from a mile away. i wonder how many times he has copied and pasted that sentence. and more than that, i wonder how many times girls fell for it.

goonie guy gets an a for effort. but he was not at all even remotely my type.

in any case, i looked at all the boys i'd found on my previous, anonymous adventures. and most of them looked back at me.

there are a few that are just too cute. i figure i'll let tomorrow come and go. that i'll let a week or more go by. and that, then, maybe, i'll message the ones that i think are adorable and worthy.

upon telling chalk that i am trying dating, for something new and different, he went on for a few sentences about how strange it is to audition people. that he either has relationships, or friends with benefits. he asked if there were any prospects.

and i said not yet, but i'm excited to do something i've never done before, by abandoning my old ways of jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend. to see what is out there.

so that is my weekend update.

i'm a little toasty, in the sunning department.

i'm going to have a smoke and hopefully turn in over the next couple hours.

last night was a disaster.

kit came over to watch sliding doors with me, finally. that part was not a disaster.

but after she left at 1130, i couldn't sleep. i was wired awake. and at 3, i made myself stop watching interweb netflix and try to sleep.

i could easily have stayed up all night long. i'm glad i didn't. i'm glad i got something close to eight hours of sleep.

i'm pretty drained.

kinda like a beach day. all this personal grooming and fixing took a toll on me.

i told nina earlier.

tomorrow at work is going to be super fun.

i intend to flirt heavily. with everyone. and even though caterpillar will be spending his night with his honey, there's no harm in wishing him a happy valentine's day.

who knows? maybe tomorrow will be boobs and boyfriends part two...

anything can happen. that's what i'm learning these days.

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