adultery. august 10th.

it's my mom's birthday today. and i'm disgracing her with this naughty little post. best daughter ever.

it seems every day that ever just keeps one upping himself.

yesterday, with the overdrafting of the checking account. i emailed him to tell him, and he wrote me back asking what he had paid and amounts so he could figure out what he did.

i don't know. i emailed him back the account number and ballpark figures.

he can figure it out. or not. not my problem.

i was so tempted to give him all of the info and recommend that he go to the bank to straighten it out.

then i realized, 'wait. he did this on his own. he can figure it out. it's no longer my job to do that for him.' not that it ever was, but... i'm not going to help him any more than i have to. which is pretty much not at all.

so i wrote the lawyer at work yesterday.

i wanted to tell him about the restraining order threat (for lack of a better word - it was probably more like a nod in the direction of, but whatever).

and i mentioned my idea about the house now vs later.

and about the car.

and sent that off.

and he called me this morning to give me the updates.

so we have this conversation. he says that the house thing is fine. usually they want to make it a year off, to simplify. fine. whatever.

then said that he was working on the agreement, but that he didn't hear from the lawyer ever claimed to have as his lawyer.

and his read on that? that ever hasn't retained him as a lawyer. that he's basically getting advice, but nothing else.

so when ever called, he was asking my lawyer questions. and any lawyer in their right mind would tell him to ask them, not his wife's lawyer.

saying as how he doesn't have a lawyer to ask, i guess, he thought it was a good idea.

i don't really understand it.

i don't understand anything he is doing right now, because i think he's kinda losing his mind.

anyways, so ever asks a question. and the lawyer kinda preps me for what he's about to say.

it was after he told me other things ever was saying and asking about.

he said something like, i just want you to know that he was asking about this, so that if it matters to you, or if you think maybe he's watching you or following you, you can be careful.

he said ever asked him about separation. to which my lawyer said there isn't really legal separation anymore. and that ever asked, 'so what happens if she's having sex with someone else?'


and i was just saying to him, 'that's crazy. that's crazy.'

and thinking in my brain that i hadn't had sex with anyone at the time when he called the lawyer. so it was purely speculation, or curiosity, or suspicions at the time he asked it.

and what the lawyer told him was that it really doesn't matter or change anything.

and i hope that is true.

but i went ahead and untagged pics and erased comments that may or may not have been slightly incriminating.

he was telling me more like a warning. like 'hey, your husband knows where you live now, and is asking about something you might be doing, and just be aware that he is asking.'

way to go, ever.

you've stooped to an all new low. and now i know what you're most concerned about. not the car, not the house. those are just ways you'll try to make me pay for leaving you. you said it before. you can't stand the thought of me being with someone else. and maybe i had that whole restraining order thing all backwards. maybe you don't want me to bring someone with me, as opposed to me catching you with someone else.

selfish piece of shit. you don't want to fight for me. but you don't want anyone else to get me either.

i'm actually kinda worried for him. i thought about telling his doctor, but that would make me seem like the crazy one. he's on his own now. if he needs mental help, he'll have to find it on his own. those days, for me, are over.

it's just that he's starting to speak what he's thinking, and it's a little alarming.

hopefully the lawyer is right, because just last night i asked chalk to come back in the end of september. for a destination weekend. i don't know what, or where, but you'd better believe it will be far from my little apartment.

psycho ex husband. duck and cover. annie grab your stun-guns.

it's over, ever. it's over. let it go. just go home.

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